water 1.jpg

I take a walk during lunch if the weather is good… stopped by a creek for a moment today.



Duck 2.jpg

I took this photo off my dock yesterday, which since nothing ever leaves the internet was a day late in January. I was testing out a old film lens, 600mm that a friend has offered to sell  me. Using film lenses with digital cameras requires some work but can be a viable option to expand your equipment if you are selective.

My subject here was far enough away from me that he really didn’t pay me much attention, he was barely visible to the casual eye…. blending into the background as these guys do so well. It was the movement that caught my attention, then using this big old honking lens I found him in the camera and watched for a long time while taking a few images along the way.  It was a quite pleasant way to spend a winter afternoon.


Water LRWater… sunset on gentle waves… calming, relaxing, mesmerizing. At least it is to me. I sat on the old dock Saturday night as the sun set on a beautiful warm spring day watching the water, listening to the sounds of nature all around me as my imagination ran wild. Childhood daydreams of pirates came back, boating adventures real and imagined play through my head. Water can be a mystical thing.