Good Morning…..

Good Morning color.jpg

I pulled off the road this morning and took a moment to smell the… hmmm, cows. Yeah, the cows….


Mornin’ to you…

Good morning.jpg

I went outside this morning, cup of coffee and my camera… saw this little guy working hard to get his breakfast.  Cool air, warm sunshine… makes you feel good.

New York dreaming…

NYbirdNY street

Two photos from one of my last trips to New York City. The bird was photographed from the Ellis Island Ferry out on the bay and the buildings from “some street”corner near Trump Plaza.

NYC has always had a love/hate relationship with me, I can’t wait to go, then when I get there I can’t wait to leave. The history attracts me, the shear number of humans fascinates me, the architectural sites boggle the mind. The photographer in me screams to take photos, while the sane person hidden inside me screams to leave.