Stormy summer

Backyard 1.jpgBackyard 2.jpg

We are experiencing heavier than usual summer storms down south in Georgia… that’s the bad part. The “good” part is after the storm passes, this is what my backyard looks like.



South GA.jpg

Deep south, Georgia, on the Suwannee River. A park off of Interstate 75 that gives weary travelers a break, if headed north maybe a last look at the old time south.

If you were to visit in the summertime you would find that areas like this are ruled by gnats, mosquitos,┬ácicadas and tree frogs. A mishmash of sounds assault your ears as the cicadas and frogs sing their songs while constant buzzing of the mosquitos are in and out of your ears. ┬áDon’t worry, the gnats have you eyes and nose occupied.

It’s easy to feel transported to a different time and place where nature rules and man is an afterthought. I can’t wait to go back.