Gimmie shelter

Mush 81217.jpgJust taking a pause from all the insanity in the news….


Down low

Leaf 1.jpgLeaf 2.jpgLeaf 3.jpgI work in what has to be the most sound polluted neighborhood in… I don’t know but if you walk outside one of the 10 different lawn maintenance crews are going to either blow you away with leaf blowers, run you over with lawn mowers or just stampede you try to put out flowers or trim bushes.  I get it… it’s their job and they got work to do but jeezz…  ANYWAY I went outside during lunch and was walking around moments before a leaf blower started up on the other side of the building. In just a few minutes these little treasures would be vanquished from existence. Sometimes you need to slow down and look around…you never know what you’re missing.


Old ladder.jpg

This short ladder was built for my son when he was 8 or 9 so he could climb up on top of a skate ramp we had made out in the back yard. The ramp disappeared after a few years but the ladder hung on. Too short and small for anything other than a small kid it just became a decoration out in the yard, a doorway to old memories.

Pirate for a day

Map 1.jpg

“….playing pirate for the day….” part of a line from a Jimmy Buffet song, talking about kids and their imagination. I remember as a kid using sticks as swords and trash can lids as shields. Pine cones were grenades, trees were forts, we played until dark when our moms would drag us in the house to get ready for bed.

      I tried very hard with each of my kids to teach them how to play with just their imagination, each responded a bit different but both did well. Adventures on the bank of a creek with a toy bulldozer to hiking through a swamp to build a camp both had their moments. Living out in the woods did help a lot, it provided the space and raw materials to make things happen. Both boys learned to camp in the woods, fish, build fires, which snakes to stay away from and which could be played with. 

But it all began years before, play pirate for a day.