Good Morning…..

Good Morning color.jpg

I pulled off the road this morning and took a moment to smell the… hmmm, cows. Yeah, the cows….


Mornin’ to you…

Good morning.jpg

I went outside this morning, cup of coffee and my camera… saw this little guy working hard to get his breakfast.  Cool air, warm sunshine… makes you feel good.

A new year…

f lake 3.jpg

I start the new year off with yet another water shot… but this was what I saw this morning when I looked out the window. In a way it’s fitting for me, things are a bit “foggy” as I look forward.

Many good things are happening, some young family members are getting married this year, my employer has plans to build the company, my son is heading into an exciting career as he finishes college and I have some new ideas to expand my personal photography, which undoubtedly you will see here.

At the same time, some senior members of our family face health challenges while  our country faces many changes – I’m not going to talk politics on this site but everyone agrees — things are going to be different. We shall have to wait and see if they are good or bad but here is to hoping for the best for all of us.