RR SS Ver 2.jpg

I was looking through old images and ran across this one. I posted it here a couple of years ago, but wasn’t as satisfied with it as I should have been. I reprocessed the RAW file through newer software to see if there would be any different results.  Most people wouldn’t notice the changes, but I did. Small things, like the rails are cleaner, the grass in the center of the tracks is visible, barely, but there. More clouds in this one too.  One thing stayed the same… it makes me want to travel.


Fishing partner


For almost 30 years I’ve had a steady fishing partner… lakes, rivers, the ocean or a stream, it never complains. The cork on the rod handle has worn and is saturated with water, salt, mud, coffee, suntan lotion, sweat, various fish & bait scents, machine oil and some I can’t identify.

A hundred different lines have been carefully added or subtracted from it’s spool helping to reel in everything from the smallest minnow to large sea trout, rays and even a shark or two.

Old age is finally showing it’s ugly head with a few damaged parts, even though it’s been downgraded to my “2nd” rod it still is present at every fishing outing.

I suppose we’ll retire together someday.

Lighthouse on the beach

   Light house.jpg


I’ve taken hundreds of photos of this lighthouse over the last 40 years… and will probably continue to do so until I can’t push the button any longer. Since I’m usually on vacation when we visit, the timing never seems right from a photographer’s point of view, but the trips are family trips and getting up before daylight to go take a photo is usually frowned upon.  Maybe soon, just photo trip… no rules… haha.



Bird one.jpg

Sea Island, Ga…. sometime in the late 80’s. My wife and I were spending a long weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary when I spotted this bird sitting on the dock piling. Those were film days, long before digital. You had to compose, run some calculations through your head, set the camera and…. wait until the film is processed and proofed to know if you got your shot. I was able to fire off 3 frames before the bird took offense at me being there, this was the middle image.


South GA.jpg

Deep south, Georgia, on the Suwannee River. A park off of Interstate 75 that gives weary travelers a break, if headed north maybe a last look at the old time south.

If you were to visit in the summertime you would find that areas like this are ruled by gnats, mosquitos, cicadas and tree frogs. A mishmash of sounds assault your ears as the cicadas and frogs sing their songs while constant buzzing of the mosquitos are in and out of your ears.  Don’t worry, the gnats have you eyes and nose occupied.

It’s easy to feel transported to a different time and place where nature rules and man is an afterthought. I can’t wait to go back.