fuel bkI was at a indoor arena waiting to watch my son race. It was in February in Tennessee so it was rather cool outside, possible snow in the area later that day. Inside, nice and warm which lead to the windows all fogging up.

Racers do different things before competing, listen to music, talk to themselves, imagine the race, anything to get themselves into the zone.

As I’m walking around with my camera I noticed some scribbling on one window… if you are not a hard rock (metal) fan then you should know that the words on the window come from a Metallica song. A fast pace head banging energetic song with a catchy rhythm….   I imagined some racer with headphones on cranking the music to get the adrenaline flowing and lazily writing the reframe on the window with their finger.

I wonder if it worked.


Mr Albert

Mr Albert wp I don’t know Mr Albert, wish I did though. Or maybe just the crew. Twenty seven years ago while vacationing in Florida I took this photograph as I walked down a dock full of working boats. It looked like Mr Albert had seen better days but it was hanging on, it was a net boat and in that area it’s catches most likely consisted of shrimp and mullet.

I shot this trying to capture the textures of the wood, flaking paint and the shadows of the setting sun. I guess I was also hoping to capture the adventurous spirit of the old time sea fisherman and perhaps just a bit of the decaying mom & pop industry now largely replaced by modern commercial fleets.

Shadows of time

Shadows LRI was teaching a photography class and needed a few examples for the students. I happened to be visiting my Dad when I saw this shadow pattern on his house. I didn’t notice his shadow as I was shooting the images but as I was doing the post editing I realized I had captured him in the bottom of the frame. On the surface this image is a little artsy and was perfect for my class, however on a personal level I had a deeper feeling upon looking at it. We lost my Mom a year prior to this photo and my Dad is in his twilight years, something just connected for me and isn’t that what photography is about?

On the rails…


I stopped on the way home 5 years ago to shoot this photo. It had been a particularly bad day and I was feeling pretty down when I came up on this scene.

Behind the camera is a cross road with a fair amount of traffic and to get the photo I had to park on the side of the road. I put on my emergency flashers and got out with my camera.

I walked out onto the road way, framed the image and exposed multiple images rapidly. As I turned to walk back to the car a police car was sitting behind me with his window down. My immediate thought was the officer was about to lecture me or even write me a citation.

Instead, he said, “That’s a beautiful sight, I hope your pictures turn out. Have a nice evening.”  He then smiled, nodded his head and drove off.

And I did have a good evening.