Good Morning…..

Good Morning color.jpg

I pulled off the road this morning and took a moment to smell the… hmmm, cows. Yeah, the cows….


Mornin’ to you…

Good morning.jpg

I went outside this morning, cup of coffee and my camera… saw this little guy working hard to get his breakfast.  Cool air, warm sunshine… makes you feel good.

Maui at night

SS HM-n.jpg

This photo was shot 13 years ago with a early design digital camera. I know it was taken on the island of Maui, Hawaii and I think, pretty sure, seem to remember it was a night shot. But, it’s digital and we live in the world of Photoshop. Maybe it was a sunset, or sunrise and I was goofing around some years ago in Photoshop. Guess I’ll have to check the RAW file but I kinda like it as a night image, full moon shining on the sea….