Foggy cove

Foggy lake.jpg

Our cove on a recent foggy morning….



Duck 2.jpg

I took this photo off my dock yesterday, which since nothing ever leaves the internet was a day late in January. I was testing out a old film lens, 600mm that a friend has offered to sell  me. Using film lenses with digital cameras requires some work but can be a viable option to expand your equipment if you are selective.

My subject here was far enough away from me that he really didn’t pay me much attention, he was barely visible to the casual eye…. blending into the background as these guys do so well. It was the movement that caught my attention, then using this big old honking lens I found him in the camera and watched for a long time while taking a few images along the way.  It was a quite pleasant way to spend a winter afternoon.

A new year…

f lake 3.jpg

I start the new year off with yet another water shot… but this was what I saw this morning when I looked out the window. In a way it’s fitting for me, things are a bit “foggy” as I look forward.

Many good things are happening, some young family members are getting married this year, my employer has plans to build the company, my son is heading into an exciting career as he finishes college and I have some new ideas to expand my personal photography, which undoubtedly you will see here.

At the same time, some senior members of our family face health challenges while  our country faces many changes – I’m not going to talk politics on this site but everyone agrees — things are going to be different. We shall have to wait and see if they are good or bad but here is to hoping for the best for all of us.

Hidden treasure

m Bottle.jpg

I was out exploring the woods today when I found a large upturned tree on the river bank, curiosity of a summer storm. Looking into the root ball I found a hole through the dirt, a lot like a cave. Digging around I found several oddities but deep in the hole near the far side was this buried bottle top.  The bottle is not broken but has been there for many years as before this tree fell, this bottle would have been a couple of feet below the ground. I half expected to find a note in the bottle written long  ago, lost to time and circumstance.

Sands of time…


A summer storm had caused the river to overflow the normal banks, when the water receded back to normal levels this peninsula was left covered in sand.

Within a few days the hot summer sun had baked it hard and dry leaving a desert like scene. Animal tracks became semi-permanent records of it’s passing visitors, showing the daily routines of beavers, muskrats, dogs, a variety of birds and a multitude of other small woodland creatures.

Small shellfish trapped by the quickly receding waters now were frozen in the sand, some becoming dinner for the local wildlife while others mimicking real life fossils giving the illusion of eons of years having past.

A month later grass had reclaimed the point leaving only my photos until the next flood arrives, repeating the cycle.

In Flight

Bird 1-lr.jpg

I photographed this guy while floating in a kayak up stream from my house over the weekend. When not in the water these guys sit around in trees and I had apparently spooked him when I came around a bend in the river. As he took off I was able to get one shot (well, one shot that was in focus) before he disappeared down steam.