On top of the world

Hawaii 2004At first glance you might think of a beach sunrise, waves crashing on shore. It is a sunrise, but from the top of Haleakala, Maui’s largest Volcano. A dormant one they told us, 1.2 million years old. We were standing at the peak (at 10,023 feet) where the 40 degree temp felt much colder in the thin moist air. A gentle breeze didn’t help. As the sun began to break through the clouds I was stunned by the beauty of what was before me, still one of he most breathtaking things I’ve been witness to. The clouds moved like waves, the sky glowed, the shutters clicked away. I have a hundred different images taken that morning but this one was burned into the memory banks forever.


Morning at the fishing hole

MFHOne summer many years ago, my young son decided he wanted to build a boat. He did build one, I only helped a bit with tools too dangerous for his young age but otherwise he was the sole builder.

The boat doesn’t float very well… he did hold him above water but leaked profusely and was very heavy so it didn’t move without a lot of effort. Regardless, he was happy as could be for a few days then he moved onto another project. For my son the act of building something is the joy, once it has been finished it does not hold his interest and he will seek out yet another puzzle to solve.

Long forgotten by the builder, the little boat still sits near the water as a reminder of a fun filled summer that still fondly occupies my memories.

Stress relief….

Jackson DamLloyd Shoals Dam. This dam is 100 feet tall by 1,070 feet long and if they are not generating power you can walk up to the base -below the lake- and touch it. It was completed in 1911 is a concrete masonry dam, that means it is a lot of big block with mortar holding it together. The lake is 4750 acres, 135 miles around the shoreline.

I don’t know how to figure how much weight is pushing against this thing, water is a about 8.5 pounds per gallon but how many millions of gallons are in this lake? Regardless when you are standing at the base, looking up and seeing the areas that have patched together over the years, the little cracks that seep water and knowing what is behind that wall a particular sense of…. not sure of the words… but you suddenly feel quite small. Your odd ball problems just don’t seem as big as they were moments ago and there is a very strange “feeling” when you actually touch the wall. Cold, a sense of vibration, perhaps your heart beating just slightly faster?

Arizona the great…

Tim AZwf-081mist-050Home on the RangeAZN-053Western SolitudeOne of my most fond memories was a 3 week job I did in Arizona. I was there to photograph a Equestrian catalog, part in the studio and part on location. For the studio work I took the night shift, that left me off during the day and I used that time to travel around as much as time allowed – camera in hand – and photograph everything I could find. The location work took us to several different farms or ranches as we were photographing horses as well as models & products.

The scenic views of that state are quite amazing. I posted only 6 photos for the hundreds I took on that trip and two following trips only added to my collection. The first three photos were taken outside of Sedona (yes that’s me in the first image, shot by a fellow photographer) where we were visiting a native indian ruin. The trip was durning the winter and the weather was generally clear but random storms would pop up. After climbing up to the ruin we were caught in a storm, hugging the wall under an over hang we stayed dry as the shutters clicked. The fourth image was one of the ranches we shot on, the water pool was one of the many I found through out the state and of course you must have at least one cactus photo if you go to the west.

Images from these trips will appear in the future as I have many more I want to share.

Warmer days ahead…

Infrared lake-170About this time of this time of the year I start feeling the effects of “spring fever”. Where I live we still have some cold weather left but that only intensifies my dreaming of warmer days ahead. This image was taken on a late winter day years ago with a infared camera (notice the white trees in the background), the subject is the river that runs behind my house. The effect of the photo gives it a warm feel, which helps on these cold days.