Throwback Monday

Falls 2.jpg

A photo from 10 years ago, I was traveling back home after a business meeting and decided to take a lunch break at the Cumberland Falls park in Kentucky.  It was an overcast rainy day but I carried two different high tech digital cameras with me that day (that was part of the business meeting) so I walked around taking photos of what I could find, this was an “2nd” image that I always liked.


Missing these….


Here in the Atlanta area we are getting a lot of wet weather, colder temps and add in the time change, shorter days.  THIS photo was taken back in August on a warm summer eve.   Missing those already.

Yeah, I know, another sunset….

Another Sunset.jpg

For those that know me, one of the things I seem to do is take a lot of photos of sunsets. Eh, it’s fun for me and they usually look nice. It’s also a quiet time (most of the time) and the craziness of the day slips away. Reflection (pardon the pun) time.