So, do you….?

Do You LR.jpg

Early morning at a RR crossing in Mississippi 3 years ago…. I had to question myself a couple of times about crossing as there WAS a train each morning at that crossing.


Maui at night

SS HM-n.jpg

This photo was shot 13 years ago with a early design digital camera. I know it was taken on the island of Maui, Hawaii and I think, pretty sure, seem to remember it was a night shot. But, it’s digital and we live in the world of Photoshop. Maybe it was a sunset, or sunrise and I was goofing around some years ago in Photoshop. Guess I’ll have to check the RAW file but I kinda like it as a night image, full moon shining on the sea….

Hidden treasure

m Bottle.jpg

I was out exploring the woods today when I found a large upturned tree on the river bank, curiosity of a summer storm. Looking into the root ball I found a hole through the dirt, a lot like a cave. Digging around I found several oddities but deep in the hole near the far side was this buried bottle top.  The bottle is not broken but has been there for many years as before this tree fell, this bottle would have been a couple of feet below the ground. I half expected to find a note in the bottle written long  ago, lost to time and circumstance.