RR SS Ver 2.jpg

I was looking through old images and ran across this one. I posted it here a couple of years ago, but wasn’t as satisfied with it as I should have been. I reprocessed the RAW file through newer software to see if there would be any different results.  Most people wouldn’t notice the changes, but I did. Small things, like the rails are cleaner, the grass in the center of the tracks is visible, barely, but there. More clouds in this one too.  One thing stayed the same… it makes me want to travel.


Yeah, I know, another sunset….

Another Sunset.jpg

For those that know me, one of the things I seem to do is take a lot of photos of sunsets. Eh, it’s fun for me and they usually look nice. It’s also a quiet time (most of the time) and the craziness of the day slips away. Reflection (pardon the pun) time.