Bird one.jpg

Sea Island, Ga…. sometime in the late 80’s. My wife and I were spending a long weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary when I spotted this bird sitting on the dock piling. Those were film days, long before digital. You had to compose, run some calculations through your head, set the camera and…. wait until the film is processed and proofed to know if you got your shot. I was able to fire off 3 frames before the bird took offense at me being there, this was the middle image.


My 4th……

lake 1 lrI chose to celebrate my 4th a little different, Instead of heavy participation in alcohol and seeing what I could “blow up” as many of my neighbors did, I tried to enjoy a bit of nature before the craziness started. We had rain in the area for most of the day and as it cleared it turned into a beautiful afternoon.

Celebrations always by their very nature mean different things to different people. Many have very little knowledge about July 4th other than a foggy remembrance of a lesson in a high school history class. It’s just another sale day at the retailers, another day to fire up  the backyard bar-b-que, invite a few (or a lot) of friends over to “party”.  And of course the fireworks. The professional events are always beautiful, the drunk loudmouth “down the street” who has a truck load of the stuff and no clue what he is doing….. not so much.

I chose to spend a few hours with my Dad in the middle of the day, a little fishing in the afternoon enjoying the sunset then my wife and I had dinner and watch a couple of movies safe inside our house.

But to each his own and I hope yours however it was spent was a good one.

Mr Albert

Mr Albert wp I don’t know Mr Albert, wish I did though. Or maybe just the crew. Twenty seven years ago while vacationing in Florida I took this photograph as I walked down a dock full of working boats. It looked like Mr Albert had seen better days but it was hanging on, it was a net boat and in that area it’s catches most likely consisted of shrimp and mullet.

I shot this trying to capture the textures of the wood, flaking paint and the shadows of the setting sun. I guess I was also hoping to capture the adventurous spirit of the old time sea fisherman and perhaps just a bit of the decaying mom & pop industry now largely replaced by modern commercial fleets.