It’s coming….


Sorry… I’m not a fan of “Fall” or Autumn if you want to be proper.

It’s the time of year that the days get shorter, the air gets colder, plants die.

Trips to the lake or beach fade away. You start wearing sweaters, jackets and coats.

Everything is “Pumpkin Spice” flavor or scented.

And you know it’s coming…. Winter.

I really don’t like Winter, I’m a warm weather guy who really likes Spring time but loves Summertime.  I love hot weather.  Yeah, yeah, down here in the South it’s humid and it can get really hot and you sweat just walking outside but that’s ok with me.

Winter? Not so ok.



South GA.jpg

Deep south, Georgia, on the Suwannee River. A park off of Interstate 75 that gives weary travelers a break, if headed north maybe a last look at the old time south.

If you were to visit in the summertime you would find that areas like this are ruled by gnats, mosquitos, cicadas and tree frogs. A mishmash of sounds assault your ears as the cicadas and frogs sing their songs while constant buzzing of the mosquitos are in and out of your ears.  Don’t worry, the gnats have you eyes and nose occupied.

It’s easy to feel transported to a different time and place where nature rules and man is an afterthought. I can’t wait to go back.

Pirate for a day

Map 1.jpg

“….playing pirate for the day….” part of a line from a Jimmy Buffet song, talking about kids and their imagination. I remember as a kid using sticks as swords and trash can lids as shields. Pine cones were grenades, trees were forts, we played until dark when our moms would drag us in the house to get ready for bed.

      I tried very hard with each of my kids to teach them how to play with just their imagination, each responded a bit different but both did well. Adventures on the bank of a creek with a toy bulldozer to hiking through a swamp to build a camp both had their moments. Living out in the woods did help a lot, it provided the space and raw materials to make things happen. Both boys learned to camp in the woods, fish, build fires, which snakes to stay away from and which could be played with. 

But it all began years before, play pirate for a day.