Good Morning…..

Good Morning color.jpg

I pulled off the road this morning and took a moment to smell the… hmmm, cows. Yeah, the cows….



Bird one.jpg

Sea Island, Ga…. sometime in the late 80’s. My wife and I were spending a long weekend celebrating our wedding anniversary when I spotted this bird sitting on the dock piling. Those were film days, long before digital. You had to compose, run some calculations through your head, set the camera and…. wait until the film is processed and proofed to know if you got your shot. I was able to fire off 3 frames before the bird took offense at me being there, this was the middle image.


Duck 2.jpg

I took this photo off my dock yesterday, which since nothing ever leaves the internet was a day late in January. I was testing out a old film lens, 600mm that a friend has offered to sell  me. Using film lenses with digital cameras requires some work but can be a viable option to expand your equipment if you are selective.

My subject here was far enough away from me that he really didn’t pay me much attention, he was barely visible to the casual eye…. blending into the background as these guys do so well. It was the movement that caught my attention, then using this big old honking lens I found him in the camera and watched for a long time while taking a few images along the way.  It was a quite pleasant way to spend a winter afternoon.

In Flight

Bird 1-lr.jpg

I photographed this guy while floating in a kayak up stream from my house over the weekend. When not in the water these guys sit around in trees and I had apparently spooked him when I came around a bend in the river. As he took off I was able to get one shot (well, one shot that was in focus) before he disappeared down steam.

Blue too

Blue 1Blue…. that was his name. A large quarter horse mix that was given to my wife over 25 years ago. He was what horse people call a “creme” … he looked white with no markings, but when he was wet you could see his hair was actually a cream color and he had white “socks” on all four legs, along with a white blaze on the forehead. His name came from the fact he had baby blue eyes.

A large horse, 16 hands at the shoulders and a extra long back he weighed in around 1300 pounds. Very muscular but a big baby when it came to personality. He was all “wrong” for horse shows… none of his measurements matched anything, he would have been a “mutt” in the canine world. To us, he was just “Blue”, a pleasure horse that my wife loved to pamper.

Actually he was a bit of a joker, in the top photo I was down on my knees doing a close up photo of a strange flower that had popped up in the horse pasture. Like a cat, he was immensely curious, I watched from the corner of my eye as he “sneaked” up on me, pretending to graze. Closer and closer he worked his way over until I heard a snort and felt a wet nose on my neck.  I turned my camera upwards and snapped off a couple of quick photos, then raised up to give him a scratch on side of his face (a favorite spot).  Blue responded by giving me a “nuzzle” and quickly lowered his mouth to the ground and sucked in the subject of my photos, a quick chew, swallow and with a nonchalant look ambled off contently grazing.

Just letting me gently know I was in “his” pasture.

Blue passed away a few years ago due to a recurring cancer issue but lead a pampered and apparently happy life under the loving care of my wife.  Here’s another photo of a healthier time.

Blue 2