Down low

Leaf 1.jpgLeaf 2.jpgLeaf 3.jpgI work in what has to be the most sound polluted neighborhood in… I don’t know but if you walk outside one of the 10 different lawn maintenance crews are going to either blow you away with leaf blowers, run you over with lawn mowers or just stampede you try to put out flowers or trim bushes.  I get it… it’s their job and they got work to do but jeezz…  ANYWAY I went outside during lunch and was walking around moments before a leaf blower started up on the other side of the building. In just a few minutes these little treasures would be vanquished from existence. Sometimes you need to slow down and look around…you never know what you’re missing.


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I began my photography career in high school, 39 years later it's still what defines me more than anything else. I've had other jobs and many hobbies but just never was able to stay away from behind the lens.

6 thoughts on “Down low”

  1. These photos are stunning, the clarity and colour, just gorgeous. As a gardener, I would like to apologise on behalf of us all – at least we make things pretty eventually 🙂


    1. Happy new year to you as well Gil. Thanks for the compliment, but it was you and your blog that got me moving. I enjoy seeing your creative images… makes me look at things in a different way. I’m hoping to do a lot more photography wise in ’17, got some plans if I can make them happen. Best wishes as always, hope to talk to you soon.


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