The Rest of the Story

Rest of the storyA quick look and you see an old bench in an unexciting photo… nothing to see here, move on. But is there more? Of course there is but does anyone take the time to think about that, what might be beyond the photo? Sadly in this day and time of instant gratification, no most don’t. Those who possess an open mind or artistic mind, a creative one…. might linger long enough to wonder, or remember something in their own history, the photo being a spark that ignites old flames.

For those who are interested, this old bench has it’s own story. My parents moved to our lake about 30 years ago from their suburban home.  They put most of their belongings into storage and moved into a old camper while my Dad built a house. After the first winter, they built a small cabin to live in while the “big house” was under construction. It took 10 years as it was being built out of pocket, no loans or mortgages, but they stuck it out.

At some early point my Mom wanted a bench down by the water. I gave this one to them for a Christmas present. It’s a kit you can buy at most any home improvement center, a frame you put together and add pre-cut wood. My parents would walk down a hill to the water, sit on this bench and watch the sun set over the water whenever the weather was good. Every few years the wood would be repainted or replaced as needed. Later when my mother fell into bad health and could no longer walk down the hill, my Dad moved the bench to the top of the hill where they continued to sit and watch the sun set. Before my Mom died, she couldn’t get out to the bench, the painting and repairs stopped. After my Mom passed away the bench continued to sit in the same place facing the lake. For reasons unknown to me, my Dad ask me to move it to a new location this past summer. It now sits in the yard near the grape vine under the shade of a oak tree but rarely if at all gets used.

Some day that old bench might end up in my yard, down by the lake, facing the water where my wife and I can sit and watch the sun set.


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I began my photography career in high school, 39 years later it's still what defines me more than anything else. I've had other jobs and many hobbies but just never was able to stay away from behind the lens.

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