Rock n Roll

Rock n Roll1980, Atlanta Georgia, Omni arena. Southern rock band Molly Hatchet in concert. I snuck my 35mm camera into the venue and got this image for a photography class assignment, I was attending the Art Institute of Atlanta at the time. This image was taken near the end of the show when a crowd favorite song was playing, smoke in the air, white light flooding the audience silhouetting the rowdy fans for me. I did get an “A” for the assignment, a favorite band of mine at the time this image hung on my wall for years. Sadly now, the lead singer and the drummer (both in the center of the photo) are deceased, but as they say, the music lives on.


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I began my photography career in high school, 39 years later it's still what defines me more than anything else. I've had other jobs and many hobbies but just never was able to stay away from behind the lens.

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