Ghost in the Machine….

deck 1deck 3deck 4

When you walk out my front door at home and if you happen to look down there is a good chance you will see the view from the top photo…. a face looking back at you. It is captured from eye level standing in the door threshold looking downward at my deck. This is the 2nd deck, put in place about 15 years ago. For years and certainly when I nailed the boards down, I never saw the “face” looking up at me. My suspicion is when the wood was placed down on the frame, it being “green” or full of sap, the face was camouflaged. And as the wood dried over the years the “image” appeared.

Since it is not a image of anyone famous, I haven’t profited from it in any way and the top and bottom image have zero retouching or manipulation on them. The center image is darkened around the “face” to enhance it for those have have problems finding Waldo, but as any visitor to my home can attest to, it’s real. Stranger still, is the face within the face, the smaller skull like image.

What one may want to read into this is up to their individuality, being a visual person I see these things on a regular basis all around me… and I smile. I certainly hope there isn’t any evil involved since I step on this guy several times per day, I’ve never gotten a splinter or the deck hasn’t given away and I’ve not heard any moaning so I think I’m pretty safe.

My life is full of ghost stories, funny lights in the sky, strange sounds… so I am certainly open minded to reasons on why one might see a face in his or her deck. It doesn’t hurt that I am a science fiction fan with a vivid imagination. I have notice over the years that I have a strong tendency to photograph “spooky” things… such as this old mill (following image):

old mill rn Or perhaps… I just have a tendency to photograph things in a matter that LOOKS spooky — such as this tree (following image):

_MG_8933Or perhaps… it’s just a curse of mine 😉


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I began my photography career in high school, 39 years later it's still what defines me more than anything else. I've had other jobs and many hobbies but just never was able to stay away from behind the lens.

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